Business Class Hosting

Integral Corporation offers Business Class Internet Hosting. Our services are specifically targeted at the needs of businesses. We offer fast website access, personalized service, and the ability to provide custom configurations. There are cheaper hosts available, but we don't dilute our services by trying to be everything to everyone.

What are some of the features of our service?

Integral's Email Hosting Advantages

Complete Control

Integral allows you to select one or more administrators from your own staff, who have the power to create or delete mailboxes, create aliases, and reset lost passwords. You don't have to wait on hold for technical support to simply add a new account or help someone in your office who has lost their password.

Email AntiVirus Scanning

We virus scan all email to protect our customers. Email is one of the primary ways in which viruses spread, and a single virus can cost thousands of dollars in damage to your company.. Integral stops these viruses before they enter your company. Our antivirus software is updated every six hours to protect your business. While it is still possible for you to catch a brand new virus, our frequent updates greatly decrease that possibility.

No Limits on the Number of emails sent

Integral does not limit the number of emails that you send. Many internet service providers may limit the number of emails that you send in an attempt to control spam senders. Integral understands that many of our customers communicate with their customers via email and that this may include mass broadcasts to their customers. For example, a well-respected Chicago restaurant chain sends out special offers to hundreds of their customers on a routine basis.

No Limits on the Size of emails sent

Integral does not limit the size of emails sent. If you want to send a 30MB Excel spreadsheet to someone, you can. Other providers limit the size of files that you can send. This isn't very useful from a business standpoint, it prevents you from getting your work done.

No Limits on emailbox size

Integral does not place size limits on your emailbox. You can store as many emails as you want.

Unlimited Aliases

Integral allows you to have any number of aliases for a mailbox. For example, if your mailbox is, you can also have an alias of,,,, etc, all of which point to your main mailbox of

Spam Tagging

Integral tags all messages that are suspected spam with a "SPAM:" prefix in the subject line. Our mail server performs several tests on all messages, looking for forged headers, spam blacklists, invalid mail server setups, etc, to help identify possible spam messages, saving you time and money.

Integral's Website Hosting Advantages

Bandwidth limits

Integral does not currently monitor your bandwidth usage. You won't be nickle and dimed for every megabyte your website sends out. As long as you use a reasonable amount of bandwidth, we'll leave you alone. (Definition of reasonable: "Not ALL of our bandwidth").

Website disk space usage

Integral does not currently monitor your websites disk space usage. You won't be nickle and dimed for every megabyte you store on our webserver. As long as you use a reasonable amount of disk space, we'll leave you alone. (Definition of reasonable: "Not ALL of our disk space". <smile>)

No Pop-Up Ads

You won't see any pop-up ads when your website is displayed. This way, one of your competitors ads won't be displayed when a customer goes to your site.

Urchin v5.0 Website Statistics

Uchin Website Stastics allows you to track the number of users to your website and where they came from, so you may review the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This service is currently available by request for Standard package hosting customers and above.

State of the Art Servers

Integral uses state of the art servers. Our webservers are Dual Xeon systems. Some ISP's use old 486 or Pentium systems or whatever they have lying around. Integral uses highly customized systems specifically built for hosting your websites.

Redundant Internet Lines

Integral has multiple connections to the Internet. If a connection goes down, we still have access.

These are just a few advantages of our services.

Integral's Dialup Account Advantages

You may have seen some recent advertising from Netscape or NetZero touting their low cost dialup services for around $10-$15. While this may sound like a great deal, there's quite a bit that they are not telling you, and you have to dig into the fine print to see what they are really offering.


The other providers offer phone support for the initial installation only. After the initial installation Netscape charges $10 per phone support call. They offer free online support, but this doesn't do you any good if you can't get online in the first place, which would be the usual reason you would call them.

Mailbox Size

Netscape gives you a 10MB email box. That's it. Anything larger is extra.


This is an extra charge with Netscape


Another extra charge with Netscape

Proprietary Software

You have to load their proprietary software for their service, which will likely load extra advertising on your computer. Oh, and any time Microsoft updates Internet Explorer it usually breaks things.

Supposed Internet Accelerator

The fine print on this "feature" says that it doesn't speed up websites the first time you go to them, only subsequent times. This is called "caching" and is actually built into Internet Explorer already!


Acceptable Use Policy

Use of all Internet services constitues acceptance of Integral Corporation's Acceptable Use Policy, located here