iPhone Email Setup

Setting up an iPhone for Integral Corp's icmailbox.com mail server is fairly straightforward, click the link below for a graphical step by step manual.

How to setup your Iphone with Icmailbox.com

You should choose POP account type instead of IMAP, and put in the following settings:

Username youremailaddress@domain.com
POP inbound mail server: icmailbox.com
SMTP outbound mail server icmailbox.com
SMTP Authentication should be turned on


Blackberry Email Setup

Integral uses Blackberry phones. We've found that the Blackberry Internet Service goes down at least 3-4 times a year, and stops delivering email to your phone. Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) checks other mail services like icmailbox.com, aol.com, grabs the mail from those servers, and then tries to redeliver that mail to your blackberry. This is a multistep process that breaks down from time to time.

The best way to ensure consistent delivery of email to your phone is to SKIP that process entirely, and deliver email directly to your blackberry from icmailbox.com.

Step 1: Create a Blackberry email account.

Create a blackberry email account on your phone, something like name@att.blackberry.net or name@tmo.blackberry.net.

Step 2: Change your "Reply to" email address

Change in the blackberry email account settings, change the "Reply To:" email address to your regular email address user@domain.com, this way if anyone replies to a message you send from your blackberry it will be delivered to your regular email account and not just your blackberry.

Step 3: Notify your email administrator or Integral of your Blackberry email address.

We will setup the icmailbox.com mail server to forward messages from your regular user@domain.com email account directly to your Blackberry. This bypasses the Blackberry Internet Service system entirely, eliminating many problems.


What does this all do? Any emails sent to your user@domain.com email account go directly into your regular inbox. A copy of the message is immediately sent to your phone by our mail server, without having to be picked up by the third party Blackberry Internet Services. Emails are sent directly from your name@att.blackberry.net account, but anybody replying to that message goes right back to your regular inbox, and is also copied to your phone.